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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to Know

  • Is there any age limit?
    "Group class" here is roughly for 15 to 50 years old If you are not in the age range, we recommended you to take our "private classes", let our coaching team arrange suitable courses for you!
  • Which classes should I join?
    Beginners are recommended to choose the beginner class, we will start from the basic movements and technique. Advanced classes will have more interactive exercises, which requires basic understanding of Muay Thai sparing.
  • How can I book a class?
    Step 1. Join our official Line account, click the appointment block down below. Step 2. System will automatically jump to "Fit by Wix" app, download it and register. Step 3. Go into the app and choose the date and time that fits your schedule! Or just message us through Line, Instagram or Facebook!
  • What should I prepare before I join the class?
    We will provide gloves and protective gear used in the class. But you need to prepare your own hand wrap (cotton gloves can be used instead for the first class) Bring clothes that are suitable for sports and water. For Advanced class: If you are going to do sparring, please prepare your own mouthguard.
  • What should I wear during the class?
    You can wear the clothes comfortable and suitable for sports. No jeans and skirts.
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